On January 21st, 2023, over 300 musicians and visual artists challenged themselves to create something in only 18 hours. Visual artists had to create a unique album cover & its supporting graphics, and musicians were limited to no less than 50 seconds and no more than 70 seconds for their songs; in short, a speedrun. The event encouraged creatives to think outside the box, picking their ideas apart in order to keep only the essentials. At the finish line, we received some of the most exciting tracks on a FORM compilation to date.

In the colors of each album cover and between the notes of each song are reflections of us— the artists. To leave pieces of ourselves *out* in lieu of a time constraint isn't easy, but it allows us to conclude what's at the center of what we create. Creativity, no matter how bare-bones or how complex & nuanced it is, is something nobody can ever take away.

All proceeds from any% will be going to SpecialEffect, a charity working to make video games accessible to those with physical disabilities.